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Our Central Bench Neighborhood embraces our urban wildlife and we also embrace our clean, open, and friendly community parks. Geese are currently migrating, and it seems that they’ve found our Franklin Park!

Neighbors have noticed a steady flock of geese hanging out regularly at Franklin Park. We don’t want to hurt them, and we embrace them flying around our city freely. We would like to counterbalance the geese activity at Franklin Park to help preserve our park from becoming infested with bird poop.

Here are some natural geese deterrent that we as neighbors can incorporate:

1. Be active at the park! Geese are wild and will fly away from people.
2. Bring your dogs to the park! Franklin Park is a great open park to walk your dogs.
a. We do ask that you be mindful to pick up after your dogs. We don’t want to shift the infested droppings from geese to dogs.
3. Don’t feed the geese! These geese are wild and are fully self-sustainable.
a. If you feed them, they will find their home at the park expecting humans to regularly feed them.
4. Don’t litter! We have noticed the geese eating off the liter in the park vicinity.

Help preserve your Franklin Park keeping it beautiful, clean, and friendly.

*Updated, Franklin Park has been placed on Geese Wrangler Schedule. Sounds like there is a regular sweep of several parks to chase them away.*

Neighborhood Officers

CBNA’s Neighborhood Officers are Officer Kincaid and Officer Beaudoin

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