Mission statement


Our vision is to promote safety and involvement in our community while celebrating diversity in the Central Bench neighborhood.


We will accomplish our vision through sustainable community planning in collaboration with Boise City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program and Comprehensive Plan encouraging all residents, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to be active members in the process.

Specific Goals:

  • To provide an opportunity  for residents and property owners to participate in the decision making process of the public agency &/or businesses that impact neighborhoods
  • To seek the opinions of members, regarding pertinent neighborhood issues and by the best means possible to act as representatives of those majority opinions
  • To identify the physical and social values of the  Central Bench neighborhood environment and seek funding sources and programs to improve this for the benefit of the community
  • To educate  members about issues affecting  neighborhoods
  • To provide an open process by which all members of the association may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood
  • To educate on general issues pertinent to health, safety and environment as they may impact the neighborhood
  • For neighborhood charitable purposes.
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