Goals and Progress

Your Central Bench Neighborhood Association represents approximately 2500 homes and more than 100 businesses on the Boise Bench. Our association has now been up & running for about 4 years after a 6 year period of inactivity. On our email list alone, we regularly reach more than 1200 resident and business contacts within our neighborhood association boundaries and our list continues to grow with our continual outreach.

Some of the successes we have achieved:

New bike racks at Cassia Park
(Boise City grant approved March 2012)

-Community Garden established, now growing crops and flowers
(behind Wright Church at Franklin & Orchard)

 -Improved community involvement in our neighborhoods

 -Increased communication and collaboration among our neighbors
and other neighborhood association groups

 -Increased communication and collaboration of the Central Bench Neighborhood area with the City of Boise and its various municipalities.

Central Bench in the News

Boise Weekly June 3rd, 2012

Idaho Food Bank March 29th, 2010

Boise Weekly March 29th, 2010


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