Are you ready to use your talent and knowledge to help strengthen the Central Bench? Or do you want to learn more about what happens behind the scenes of the CBNA? Join a committee! Any member can join. Please contact the CBNA or attend a meeting if you are interested.

  • The Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee (Grants) identifies eligible projects, then applies for and administers Neighborhood Reinvestment funds. This committee shall always include either the President or the Treasurer, or both, as a member given the financial responsibilities.
  • The Community Building Committee’s (Events) purpose is to bring the people of the community together in fun, informal ways so that members neighborhood may get to know each other.
  • The Neighborhood Planning Committee’s purpose is to participate in neighborhood planning with relevant partners and stakeholders.
  • The Communication Committee is responsible for all association outreach and communications including social media, e-newsletters, and the annual newsletter as well as creating and disseminating informational publications.
  • The Business Member Committee’s purpose is to build collaborative relationships with business members within our association boundaries.
  • The Neighborhood Watch Support Committee’s purpose is to collaborate with the City’s Crime Prevention Liaison and help educate members of our association in learning the process of establishing Neighborhood Watch groups in their smaller neighborhood areas.
  • The Public Agency Committee monitors relevant agency, organization and commission meetings, agendas, and actions. These may include Ada County Highway District, Ada Planning Association, and Boise City. This committee may participate in dialogue with developers and the City regarding development projects.
  • The Grievance Committee receives complaints from CBNA members and promptly recommend specific actions to the Board of Directors.
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