Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Household Hazardous Collection has a monthly location in our neighborhood!

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Time: Noon-7:00 p.m.
Location: Wright United Church of Christ, 4821 W Franklin St, Boise, ID 83705

Collection Site Website

Sheltered Bus Stops

The CBNA has been officially awarded a $70,000 Neighborhood Investment Grant for two sheltered bus stops along the Orchard Corridor!

This year, 2019, $563,000 in grants were awarded to 20 projects around the City. Check out https://www.cityofboise.org/…/ener…/neighborhood-investment/ to see the other projects.

Neighborhood Contact Officer

The Boise Police Department recognizes that strong neighborhoods make for a stronger community. Neighborhood Contact Officers are available to help solve long term problems that impact neighborhood safety.

Locate your NCO using this link: https://police.cityofboise.org/neighborhood-services/

Sheltered Bus Stops Artwork

Hi CBNA-ers,

We recently announced that our neighborhood, CBNA, is receiving two sheltered bus stops to be installed next year, 2020. The two bus stop locations are Orchard at Overland NB & Orchard at Kootenai NB.

Included with these shelters is wrapped artwork on the glass walls. The art will be in a form of single-colored silhouettes (no shading, textures, or layers).

I invite you to send me your theme ideas for the artwork. We are collecting our neighbor’s feedback.

Additionally, if you are a local artist or know a local artist that would like to be considered to do the artwork design, please make sure you/they are familiar with the Boise City’s Call to Artist program.

CBNA will not be picking the artist and CBNA will not be making the final artwork decision. However, we do have influence as to why we are reaching out to our neighbors.

Our call to action for you is to email gigihurricane@yahoo.com your art theme ideas. Also, reach out to your artists in the community to make sure they are familiar with the Boise City’s Call to Artist program.

Thank you for your contribution and support with your neighborhood.


Gigi Ferreira & The CBNA board

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